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Dr. Robyn Welk-Richards, PhD


Recovery can be a long and arduous journey, and I am invested in walking with my clients through the deepest darkness as well as the brightest days. I am a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS), thus providing recovery-focused psychotherapy to individuals battling an eating disorder is my primary specialty. I am invested in long-term psychotherapy that hinges on the therapeutic relationship, which develops over time. The ideal client for me is a human being who is motivated to move forward and improve upon his or her quality of life, and who has a willingness to try new things, even when they are frightening.

For over a decade I have been masterful and creative in treating individuals who courageously battle eating disorders and other severe mental illnesses. I am well equipped to treat individuals battling myriad emotional and mental health experiences including eating disorders, mood disorders, low self-esteem, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders.

I believe each human deserves a chance to authentically live the life they desire, and I consider it an honor to be witness to an individual’s journey. The therapeutic experience starts the minute my client picks up the phone and extends past our closing goodbye. Please contact me to start our relationship!

Family ~ Health ~ Integrity ~ Authenticity ~ Mindfullness
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Laura Lyons, BS Health Education

Lead Clinical Care Coordinator

As the first point of contact with our clients, I enjoy providing assistance and being supportive of their concerns and needs. Working along with our clinicians and staff, I help ensure that the needs of our clients are being met, along with the needs of their families. I understand the importance of providing information and sharing resources and health services that can help bring about the desirable change.

As a health educator, I’ve worked in a variety of healthcare settings and have spent the past two decades working in behavioral health services. I am committed to helping others achieve wellness in their own personal life.

Our health needs are continually changing and I believe it’s important to know what care options are available and I am passionate about being part of that education process.

Family ~ Integrity ~ Altruism ~ Joy ~ Respect
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Shelbie Sullivan, MS, MA, NCC, LPC

Virtual Psychotherapist

Throughout a human’s journey, life has a way of challenging us and, at times it’s difficult to find traction to walk the path. As a clinical psychotherapist, I view myself as a guide, to join alongside you, as you to find more traction to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life. I believe people harbor their own innate resilience. With support it is possible for every human being to emerge from their struggles with a new perspective and authentic hope. I invite a space of openness, nonjudgement, and empowerment to help my clients embrace and grow into their full potential.  Although therapy takes work and dedication, I do not believe it needs to be dry and lack opportunities for laughter and joy.

Areas of passion and expertise include chronic and terminal illness, hospice coping, grief, anticipatory loss, self-esteem, body image, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, life adjustments, and meaning making. Using evidence-based modalities, I invite a collaborative and unique process for each person.

Sometimes the biggest act of kindness we can offer ourselves is acknowledging when we need extra support and giving ourselves the permission to accept it. I’m here to be that extra support, whether it’s for short-term or long-term goals. Please know that seeking counseling takes strength and courage. I am grateful that you are here. If you want to feel empowered to rewrite your next chapter, please reach out!

Acceptance ~ Adventure ~ Knowledge ~ Simplicity
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Janay Rasor, MS, LPC, NCC

Psychotherapist, Digital Marketing Manager

Sometimes we can find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or alone. Therapy can help you navigate making changes to achieve a more fulfilling and joyful life. I will work with you to identify and work towards your goals by highlighting your strengths and encouraging personal growth through encouragement and constructive feedback. I am passionate about supporting my clients in building healthy relationships, especially with themselves. I provide clients with a compassionate space in which they can comfortably explore their concerns.

I work with adults struggling with a wide variety of mental health symptoms such as depression, anxiety, trauma, low self-esteem, life transitions, and stress management. I use an eclectic approach to therapy which allows me to tailor treatment to meet my clients’ ever-changing needs.

If you are looking for a thoughtful counselor to collaborate with to build your strengths and develop new skills to empower you to live a more meaningful life, please reach out. I currently provide individual therapy in-person in Milwaukee and virtually within the state of Wisconsin.

Acceptance ~ Compassion ~ Genuineness ~ Humor ~ Openness
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Annie Sprinkman Dries, MS, LPC-IT

Psychotherapist, Group Therapy Coordinator

Life can be a series of ups and downs. I believe that learning to find space for both is key to navigating life’s journey. I find true joy in helping individuals navigate the in-between while gaining an understanding of the twists and turns. A strong therapeutic relationship is essential to a human being’s growth and discovery through the therapeutic process. That is about meeting others in the field of honesty and vulnerability, connecting beyond what is said, and sharing what is deep within. My goal is to create a safe space where exploration and growth are possible. Together we can work towards finding sustainable strategies to empower and realize one’s full potential.

I work with adolescents, young adults, and adults. Areas of passion and expertise include eating disorders, body image, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and life transitions. I individualize treatment by pulling from various evidence-based practices.

With curiosity and empathy, change and growth can be possible. Every human deserves to be supported through their journey. I would be honored to walk alongside you. I look forward to connecting!

Connection ~ Expression ~ Understanding ~ Grace
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Sara Ruiz

Advanced Eating & Feeding Disorder Intern, Clinical Care Coordinator

I believe as people we have a desire to be seen for who we are without judgment. I am passionate about creating a space that celebrates clients for who they are. I believe this lays the foundation for a deep, meaningful therapeutic relationship which leads to change and healing of the mind, body, and soul. I value a collaborative relationship to meet your needs. I will work with you to identify your goals, meet you where you are, and to walk alongside you on your journey.

My passion is supporting those who are fighting eating and feeding disorders, navigating identity exploration and life transitions, body image concerns, anxiety, and depression. While I enjoy working with all humans; I especially enjoy working with children and adolescents through those entering early
adulthood. I have a special area of interest in supporting those with Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), Binge Eating Disorder, and athletes. I primarily utilize ACT, DBT and CBT; I will support you by incorporating these and other tools tailored to your unique journey.

As an advanced clinical counseling intern, I am currently completing a master’s degree in behavioral health psychology from Carroll University. I completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology at Alverno College. I joined the team at Dr. Robyn Welk-Richards & Associates in September 2023, and I am grateful to be able to continue my training under the expert supervision of Dr. Robyn Welk-Richards. In addition to my current clinical practice, I have over 2+ years of previous experience working with adults and adolescents battling  eating disorders in a residential care setting.

When you are ready to reach out for yourself or a loved one, please know we are looking forward to welcoming you!

Purpose ~ Growth ~ Integrity ~ Vulnerability ~ Creativity
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Kayla Peplinski, RD, CD

Registered Dietitian, Master’s Level Intern

Food is memories: it’s your grandma’s secret chocolate chip cookie recipe. Food is celebratory: it’s making a wish while blowing out candles on your birthday cake. Food is fuel: it helps prepare your body for practice, games, & everyday life. For some, food is the enemy: it causes stress, frustration, sadness, and guilt.

Utilizing an anti-diet and HAES (Health at Every Size) approach, I am committed to reframing the way people think about “health.” I’ve worked with adolescents and adults in different settings, helping clients overcome eating disorders and disordered eating patterns. I recognize that there is so much more to food  than just eating it and am dedicated to helping those who have a strained relationship with food find their way to freedom.

I received my bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and completed my dietetic internship at Viterbo University. I am a Registered Dietitian (RD) and Certified Dietitian (CD). My passion for helping those overcome eating disorders has also inspired me to pursue the Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS) certification, to strengthen my eating disorder knowledge and competence. I have always had a passion for helping people and am looking forward to assisting you in  your journey to enjoy food and reclaim your food freedom.

I am excited to be working toward my master’s degree in behavioral health psychology. As I artistically approach and care for each human being through an individualized lens, this degree will support my desire to become a strong therapist and stronger dietitian.

Passion ~ Dependability ~ Openness ~ Growth ~ Humor
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