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Expert Mental Health & Eating Disorder Therapy

“It is my intention to offer human beings a space to feel heard, to be seen, and to share space with someone who desires to understand their experience"
Dr. Robyn Welk-Richards


Dr. Robyn Welk Richards
& Associates

Dr. Robyn Welk-Richards & Associates was established in the Spring of 2019 by Dr. Robyn Welk-Richards. The practice, founded on the values of Integrity, Authenticity, Creativity, Peace, Mindfulness, and Loving Kindness. Dr. Robyn has committed herself to growing a team of practitioners that share the same vision and values upon which the practice was founded and, understand the importance of living in alignment. 

At DRWR&A therapists provide exceptional therapeutic services to all clients of all ages. Clinical areas of expertise found at DRWR&A include the assessment and treatment of eating disorders and co-occurring mental and emotional health suffering, support during life transitions, the care and treatment of Veterans and their family members, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety. 

Individual Services
We offer Mental Health, Eating Disorder, Couples, and Family Therapy sessions.
Group Services
We offer Process, Skills, and Support groups, as well as special Workshops.
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